April 10, 2019

We will talk about Aquashella in Dallas TX, my betta spawn, fanmail, and new channel sponsorships..LIVE! Lets hang out and have fun!

To get Aquashella tickets: https://www.aquashella.com/

Here is more information on Project Piaba: https://projectpiaba.org/
It is a non-profit organization which studies and fosters an environmentally and socially beneficial home-aquarium fish trade.

#AquashellaFishTubeDonation #TeamFreshwater #FishFam

Support small businesses:
Aquarium Co-Op: http://bit.ly/2N1NtMY
Lifewithpets Betta DIVIDERS: https://bit.ly/2xirB6h
Flip Aquatics: https://flipaquatics.com

👕Merch: https://bit.ly/2xkDLM0

🙂Want to send me a letter or product for review?
Please include a return address if you would like for me to write back!

PO Box 7485
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

More info on Betta spawn problems and Aquashella Dallas TX

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