dallas April 3, 2020

Mayor Eric Johnson issued a Proclamation Declaring a Local State of Disaster in response to evidence of community spread of COVID-19 within the City of Dallas.

The proclamation, made pursuant to Section 418 of the Texas Government Code and Chapter 14B of the Dallas City Code, authorizes the city manager of the City of Dallas to restrict gatherings within the city limits to no more than 500 people and to require that all public, private, and commercial labs report the number of COVID-19 tests conducted on a daily basis to the City. The proclamation also provides the city manager the ability to quickly enact other measures intended to protect the health and welfare of the public.

Read more — https://www.dallasnews.com/news/public-health/2020/03/13/dallas-mayor-bans-public-gatherings-of-more-than-500-people-to-stop-spread-of-coronavirus/


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