March 10, 2019
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Brett Cowell’s wrap of Dallas Startup Week 2018.
1. What’s not changed:
– Customer Service and Relationships are Still Key
– Marketing must still deliver an ROI (not just likes)
– Entrepreneurs are still problem solvers

2. What was surprising
– The extent to which corporates are embracing entrepreneurs
– Branding is now about what doing business with your company allows customers to say about themselves
– Native social businesses are moving offline, then creating a feedback loop to online
3. My takeaway
Authenticity came up a lot, and for me that means embracing the several tribes that I’m “native” to: Corporates, Entrepreneurs and Creatives/Artists.

Thanks for watching everyone. Look out for a new LinkedIn video show coming soon called B-Side with Brett Cowell #bsidetv

More info on Dallas Startup Week 2018 Wrap – Brett Cowell #DSW18

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