January 7, 2019

Influence – What is it and HOW to get it?

In Podcast Interview #2 Host, Michael D. Butler does a quick random post with local business Coach Scott Schilling

In Podcast Interview #2 Host, Michael D. Butler does a quick random post with local business Coach Scott Schilling.

We look at influencers in multiple industries and discover the 12 habits of highly effective influencers! A list celebrities to the people in your neighborhood! Quality content valuable tips tons of takeaways!

Scott says, I feel extremely blessed to be able to follow my heart and passion to help others through sharing years of experience across a range of industries. When asked what I do, the short answer is: “I help people, help people!” After spending more than thirty years in the sales, marketing, training, management, and speaking arenas, I am uniquely qualified to help individuals and organizations achieve the success they desire. With vast experience over a range of industries, my value-added conceptual expertise in all aspects of business shouts out loud and clear. While going to the University of Iowa on a football scholarship, I became a licensed life insurance agent at the age of eighteen. In his first month in business, I sold over a quarter million dollars worth of insurance. It’s not hard to understand that with the years of personal selling background I have embodied, armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in marketing and insurance, I possess the expertise necessary to educate, empower, and inspire others to achieve “their” success. Since my years at Iowa, I’ve worked for and with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, service organizations and individuals, to not only grow personally but to prepare me with a breadth of knowledge and experience to aid in sharing that collection of expertise. When it comes to understanding the opportunity at hand, there are few others that can grasp the issues, diagnose the problems, design the remedy, and implement the cure as well. As an Internationally acclaimed Trainer, Speaker, Author, Success Expert and Philanthropist, I’m honored to have led the field in training others, presenting as a top professional speaker, writing inspiration works with practical application and executing the very success strategies I teaches. My goal is to maximize the potential and God-given talents of all the individuals and organizations I encounter. I work from the understanding that “to whom much is entrusted-much is expected”!

Welcome to the Influencer Radio Podcast where we connect YOU with influencers who are shaping our culture in Tech, Media, Start-ups, Venture Capital, Sports, Film/Television, Publishing and Philanthropy.

From the youngest to the oldest these amazing Influencers are innovators and trend setters…..They ignore the status quo and refuse to be labeled.

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