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Kwik Computer is a Microsoft Silver Partner and we are a local Dallas Based company. We help companies increase their Efficiency and profit margin while reducing wasted time and risk associated with Marketing, Customer Relation Management, Line of business, Operations, Security and Compliance, Business Intelligence and all the points in between.
We work with each client on a regular monthly basis and provides subject matter experts to the right people at the right time, and in the right way; it’s like having a staff of experts on hand that guides ALL aspects of your business, but you don’t have to pay them to stand around
We will engage with your insurance providers and help you negotiate lower rates, in fact we can often reduce your rates more than the cost of our fee making our services practically free*
We provide Cybersecurity Remediation Services at no additional charge when needed; an average value of 10K*
We help increase your technology adoption rate by an average of 30%, which translates to a 30% increase in efficiency, and ultimately increases your profit*
We guide each company along the prescribed best practice as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which translates to increased efficiency, agility, and profitability*
We monitor Local, State, and Federal regulations, along with other industry compliance and continually help you remediate risks, and we guarantee the minimum liability at all times*
Expert Services include; Cybersecurity and Forensic Examiners, Penetration Testing Experts, PCI and related NIST, FISMA, and HIPPA Assessments; Small Business Consulting, Process Engineering, Software Development Lifecycle Specialists, Local and State Government Specialists, Government Contracting Specialists, Scientists and Research Specialists, and more.

There is no cost to determine what your exposure is. If you are interested, we can sign you up with Microsoft and become your Microsoft Security and Compliance Digital Partner of Record. Once we do that we can work with you to determine what, if any, additional protection you may need. We then propose a Managed Service subscription fee that you pay per month for the services we agree on. If you choose not to purchase any additional coverage we can remain your Microsoft Security and Compliance Advisor at no charge. Can I schedule an appointment with one of our experts?

Beside representing Microsoft we also sell our products through
We sell
Hosting for website starting per month.
Domain name
Online Storage
Fax Thru Email
The services we sell
Website Building
Ecommerce Website Building.
Adding Shopping cart.
Chat Integration in website.
Search Engine Optimization ( Strength)
Search Engine Marketing

Desktop management
We sell PC monitoring , Antivirus , internet Protections packages for small business and individuals. Starting at per pc.

Search Engine Optimization
Selecting the right keywords can give you numerous opportunities to grow that will make your business known as well as produce an exceptional profit. Our experts have the technical knowledge and the expertise to critically analyze your existing content and devices tactics that can boost your ranking. Our conversion rate from normal users to profitable clients is an evidence of the quality of service we provide.
· Link Building
· Keyword Research
· Rank Tracking
· Content Optimization
· Backlink Analysis

Search Engine Marketing
Online users now mostly rely on search engines for making decisions based on the results obtained for their query on top pages of a search site. It has therefore become highly important for businesses to bring forward their service offerings to customers in the most convenient manner. Tailoring to match to your recommendations and needs,We offer SEM packages that will be cost effective and high on performance.
Web Analytics
· Pay Per Click
· Cost Per Impression
· Search Analytics

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