February 18, 2019

The US government shutdown has affected Americans in many ways, including unusually long lines at airports. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents continue working without pay.

Airports are dealing with massive lines due to the government shutdown. The shutdown began on Saturday, December 22. TSA employees are part of the government, so they’re affected and working without pay.

But TSA staffers are calling out of work. At Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), the call-out rate has increased by as much as 300%. A rep for the TSA workers union says they aren’t calling out intentionally. The TSA staffers simply can’t afford to get to work. 

TSA employees live paycheck to paycheck, according to their union rep. The mean annual wage for TSA employees was about ,960 as of May 2017. 

The TSA says they are “closely monitoring the situation” and that “security effectiveness will not be compromised.”


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Government Shutdown Has Led To TSA Struggles And Long Airport Lines

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