December 14, 2018

Is back pain procedures killing your businesses financial bottom line? Our Stretch Therapy Services out of Dallas Texas can help!

Mark H. (owner)

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We are a foam roller & stretching equipment manufacturer out of Dallas, Tx. Our foam rollers are all made in USA! Our rollers are tested through the Stretch Therapy classes offered at Stretch Therapy Dallas studios. We guarantee the quality & durability of our recovery equipment.

All of the methods we teach are unique. The methods are inspired through real client/ customer interactions out of Dallas, Tx. If you have any questions about our methodology , rollers or stretching equipment please contact us at :

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This foam roller is a high quality tool for all your musculoskeletal aches and pains from living life. It is unique because it is the only foam roller with handles, you can foam roll standing up, lying down and even seated in your favorite chair! Also, you can manipulate the Atlas Foam Roller to stretch in ways you only dream of. Check it out at

More info on How Our Stretch Therapy Services Can Help Your Business in 2019 Reach Further with Less Back Pain

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