February 12, 2019

Durant, OK is located on an often forgot stretch of highway between Dallas and Oklahoma City and must fight to attract new visitors. Downtown Durant offers something for everyone, including boutiques and retail shops, art galleries, salons and spas, restaurants and bars, bustling businesses and more. A close-knit team of town leaders and stakeholders believe that by helping their small businesses thrive, their entire town will thrive. They want help drawing people downtown to discover the amazing things they already have, and they hope the Small Business Revolution can ignite the spark they need.

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Championed by Deluxe and hosted by chief brand and communications officer, Amanda Brinkman with renovation icon Ty Pennington; the Small Business Revolution is a movement created to shine a spotlight on the vital impact that small businesses have on our economy, our communities and our daily lives. Independence. Originality. Belief in the bold experiment. Now more than ever, the passionate values that built America drive millions of our local businesses.

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