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Main Pros:
1. People!
2. Airports & Accessibility
3. Food & Restaurant
4. Taxes and Cost of Living
5. Nature

Main Cons:
1. Traffic
2. Water

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About 6 months ago, my wife Kat and I moved to Dallas, TX. It’s been a great move. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the city of Dallas and Texas in general as a home. Whether it’s the Dallas Weather, the Beauty of the City, the People & Entrepreneurial Community, the Restaurants and Food, the nearby Outdoor activities, the Low Living Costs, or the State’s Tax Savings, Dallas has plenty to offer. The scenery, people, community, activities, sports (pre-covid) have made our time here incredible. We would highly recommend Dallas and in particular Victory Park as a home to anyone considering making the move. That said, we do have our own online businesses and are rarely stuck in Dallas’ busy traffic – it can get pretty bad, so that’s certainly a con to consider. With this in mind, the pros easily outweigh the cons in Dallas!

Favorite Cafes:

1. Tribal Cafe
2. Lala Kind Cafe
3. Merit Coffee

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