November 29, 2018

Checkout my first production

Hi, here, Enthusiast of cars, trucks, trains and things that go! I’ve been wanting to make a low rider song since riding in the Impala as a kid! Enjoy!

Think of when you want tight Merch ! up and coming Custom designs and Merch. Lowermainland Chilliwack, Vinyl Stickers, Clothing, Signs, Car clubs, Truck clubs, Diesel clubs, Trucking, Big Decals, Banners, Teams, Groups, Businesses, 2019 2020 !! Side Hustle businesses to produce income and become your main Businesses thats the goal!

*Video is totally for fun and not meant to be offensive or upsetting in any way!
Hella’ low budget production!
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More info on Titanium blocks dragging on the floor !

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