April 17, 2019

How to use the USA Business Database to grow your business.

Link to USA Business Database: https://gumroad.com/l/usa-business-database


Hello, everybody, this is Mike.

I’m here to do a little product review for you for the USA business database by class codes, and so we’re gonna walk you through what is the database, how do use it, how do you turn your targeted contacts into leads and then those leads into sales.

So the first thing you gotta do, and this is what you would experience, as I walk you through the purchase process, is you’d scroll on here and it’s an immediate download.

You’d click “I want this” here, and it has my email.

I would enter my first name, Mike, and it has my card on file otherwise you’d be entering your card and click “pay” and you would either get an email with the downloads or you can just download it right here.

So if for some reason you want to go back to it later you will always have the email and you can log in through that email.

So we will download, and so you’ll see it downloading right down here, and this is a zip file so when it is done we’ll have a list of all the CSV downloads, and we’ll be able to click on whichever one we want.

There’s going to be one for each different state and so say I have an Insurance Agency in Dallas Texas.

Well, let’s suppose I want to use this list to target potential customers in Dallas Texas that might want my insurance services.

So I’ll say I have a great program for 8810 Workers’ Compensation for clerical insurance so we’ll start there.

So I’m going to open this. Once the file downloads it should pop up just like this I’m gonna view it in this list format.

So my insurance agency is in Texas, so that’s who I’m going to target for my targeted business list here.

So I’m going to open up Texas. These are in CSV format that allows it to be a quicker download. We can convert it to excel once we open it.

Excel will allow more functions and like a drop-down menu in particular which is what we’re going to be using today.

So here is the file, I’m going to expand this. One of the first things you’re gonna want to do is click this (Top left corner) to highlight all, “data,” and “auto filter.”

There are a few ways to do that.

This is of a Mac, but it should generally be the same way if you’re using Microsoft Excel.

All these are converted into drop-down menus.

So, the other ways you could highlight it, click “data” here, but you can see it is already selected so it won’t matter so anyways so I suppose I’m gonna be targeting businesses in Dallas Texas.

So what I’m going to to do over here is we’re going to select Dallas, this is just for an example, so I’m going to say contains “Dallas.”

The other way to do it as I could’ve unselected all and just scrolled all the way down to Dallas and only selected Dallas.

So right now we have all these businesses here that are only in Dallas Texas. Well, there’s quite a few.

There are tons and tons of rows. so anyways we’re going to narrow it down more because this is a targeted business list and I want to specify (exactly) who I want to be selling to.

This column here is “number of employees.” We may not want to do these huge companies because that’s not gonna be our target market. so let’s say we do all 1, 2, 3 employees… maybe I’ll just select “all” and then unselect these humongous ones.

Maybe that will be easier. Ok, so now we narrowed it down to business up to, the largest is 249.

So now we have a list of companies in Dallas Texas, that are up to 249 employees and it is still just an incredibly humongous list, so we’re gonna keep narrowing.

We’re gonna really target this down into our target market that’s really going to give us the most bang for our buck is who do we want to market to, who do we have the best product or service for, who are we most likely to be able to convert a contact, to a lead, to a sale.

That’s the beauty of this list is it’s already here. you don’t have to Google, all these different companies and if you happen to know their name Google them by name and find their cities, states, address, domain, contact, first and last name, contact email, what’s their a NAICS description what are their insurance cost codes.

You don’t have to do all that. All that’s already ready to go. if you were to try to hire somebody to start googling and get this information online, you could do that.

You might pay someone an hour but how long is it gonna take them to compile a targeted list of the specifics that are going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Whereas you could just download this USA business database give, them a humongous Headstart, and spend that same money that you would have spent to collect this information and have them go ahead and start your marketing program.


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