January 27, 2019

How this Young Professional had started not one, but TWO successful businesses by the time she was twenty-six years old! Powered by BriteBee.com.

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Who: Jill Berger – Founder of Stay Social Dallas and Lushra

What: Stay Social Dallas focuses on helping businesses with social media and digital branding, among other things. They help businesses that can’t afford a large-scale, expensive ad agency build a solid social media presence and branding. Lushra is an ecommerce site for quality party decorations and supplies in order to get the best Instagram shots.

Where: Both Stay Social Dallas and Lushra are based in Dallas, TX.

When: Jill founded Stay Social Dallas in April 2016 and Lushra not long after.

Why: Out of college, Jill worked for a traditional advertising agency. In this environment, she was around people who had been in the industry a long time and didn’t necessarily understand the importance of social media and digital branding, or even just thinking outside of the box. This inspired Jill to start her own agency where she could focus on out of the box thinking and help clients stay up-to-date on modern strategies and branding opportunities.

Check out Stay Social Dallas: http://www.staysocialdallas.com/

Check out Lushra: https://lushra.com/

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Follow Lushra on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lushra/

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