dallas October 22, 2019

I watched a movie that the military warned me about, at a discount theater, inside an abandoned mall, in a sketchy part of Dallas, Texas.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? (The answer is nothing. Nothing went wrong. Sorry. Watch my video anyway, please.)

Featuring tracks blatantly stolen from:
テレヴァペ – 永 – アギア
猫 シ Corp. – Palm Mall – Special Discount
猫 シ Corp. – Palm Mall Mars – Indoor 園芸 Climate Control
猫 シ Corp. – Palm Mall Mars – Palm Mall Mars- Sports Centre

Clickbait article:

Idea ripped off from:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjU-Cwjfqbo2hMRItlXwnnQ (This is Dan Bell.)

Soviet Anthem:

Random Mall Commercial:

If there’s someone/something I’m missing attribution for, let me know.

Love you, drive safe. Don’t forget to pick up bread on the way home. You never call me anymore, but that’s okay, sweetheart, I know you’re a busy boy. They grow up so fast.

More info on A discount movie theater inside a dead mall | Valley View Center & AMC Valley View 16

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