dallas May 28, 2019

We are blessed with 10,000 acres of wild, open spaces in Dallas, Texas, along the Trinity River and in the Great Trinity Forest, the largest urban hardwood forest in the country. The time is now to make long-term decisions about how to protect, care for and nurture theses wild spaces. The Trinity River and Great Trinity Forest, as a whole, deserve world-class management and oversight with a level of care befitting a national park. It’s time to come together and think BIG, to think outside the box.

The intent of this short film is to spur interest and conversations. To preserve, protect and manage these wild spaces in Dallas, we must have an innovative plan with endowed funding to support them for the long term. Working together, we can make it happen!

You can help. Get informed. Be proactive. Make your voice heard. Speak up for Wild Dallas. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO.

More info on A Word for Wild Dallas: A short film by Scot Miller

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