dallas March 14, 2021

🔥Familia! I hope you are all well today & more so I HOPE YOU GET THIS BURGER FOR LUNCH!!! Praying for you all. Enjoy your day!!!

RODEO GOAT DALLAS: https://www.rodeogoat.com/dallas/

FICTION COFFEE: https://www.fictioncoffee.com/

🌎 Instagram: Hector.alejandroguerrero

📺 Best way to watch the show is on Desktop or Laptop- less video compression! But no matter what, enjoy and eat GOOD!

🎥 Camera I use: iPhone 11
Editing software: Premiere Pro
Music I use: Epidemic Sound

More info on 🍔The FAMOUS Rodeo Goat Burger … | HEAVENLY. JUICY. DELICIOUS. | Dallas, TX! | 🏃‍♂️FOOD RUNS

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