October 23, 2018
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#1 Pecan Lodge – Dallas, TX

Jack’s Score
Chicken – 7
Pulled Pork – 7
Pork Ribs – 8
Brisket Bonus – +5
Beef Rib Bonus – +5
Side #1 mac & cheese 4
Side #2 Collard Greens 9
Side #3 Coleslaw 7
Appearance 10
Taste 10
Value 8
Total 80

Mitch’s Score
Chicken – 8
Pulled Pork – 7
Pork Ribs – 8
Brisket Bonus – +5
Beef Rib Bonus – +5
Side #1 mac & cheese 5
Side #2 collard greens 8
Side #3 cole slaw 8
Appearance 10
Taste 9
Value 8
Total 81


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