December 1, 2018

Owner/Chef Mary Ann Allen shows us how they make Arepas at Arepa TX Latin Street Food & Pops.


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  • Latin American Cuisine Finds a Home in Fast Casual

    “Chipotle taught America to eat rice and beans, and that leads to Cuban food. You have arepas from Venezuela ... “We think of it as Latin with a Texas twist.” The most popular menu item is the smoked ...

  • Sara Boyd

    Hola Arepa Among The Stands At Food Truck FairSay hello to Hola Arepa -- the bright, teal truck that's fast become a favorite for many downtown lunch-goers. Serving the best in Latin cuisine and ...

  • Hold the Bread

    Vermut says the arepa’s authenticity is very attractive to people. Curiosity brings them in, but it’s the flavors, which go beyond the familiar Latin flavors of Mexico and El Salvador, that keep them ...

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