November 13, 2018

Meet the homies at Char’d Kitchen!

Check em out below

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Nick and Johnross are 2 dudes who love food.

Join them as they adventure through diners, food trucks, restaurants, coffee shops to breweries and much more.

Most importantly, let them know your favorite spot as they would love to visit and showcase more nomsss!

More info on Char’d South East Asian Kitchen | Dallas, TX

  • Char’d Southeast Asian Kitchen

    DINERS: Options change frequently, so best to call the restaurant to confirm. Did we get something wrong? Please message us. Is this listing closed, or have the hours changed? Tell us what you ...

  • Char’d Southeast Asian Kitchen

    Thit nuong. Savory charred pork seasoned in traditional Vietnamese spices on top of white rice or vermicelli noodles accompanied by fresh cucumbers, romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, mint, pickled ...

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