September 30, 2018

On today’s Vlog Episode, I start the day by going for a run on the famous Dallas Katy Trail. For those who are planning to visit Dallas, it is a great running/walking/cycling route that you must try. It is a 6mile/10km central (paved) trail that goes right into the heart of downtown Dallas.

After a quick run and a Runner’s Review of the Katy Trail, I launched my inaugural “Zhong Wen Wednesday” (Literally ‘Chinese’ Wednesday)—the first in a series of weekly vlogs that are solely in Mandarin Chinese (with English subtitles). The goal for this series is to give a little insight into the Chinese culture that is here in the USA.

The mission for today’s ZhongWen Wednesday was to: find a suitable Chinese teacher, and also explore the local grocery store to see how the Chinese food here compares with the Chinese food in Asia.



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