dallas December 23, 2019

Cliff heads to Dallas to saddle up with Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein and sample some of the best underground eats in the Lone Star State. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the flavors Chef Janel uses in her lemon garlic salmon and braised kale. Then they stop at Chef Gabrielle’s, where she gives Cliff a taste of home with shrimp and grits that may be even better than his mother’s.

Chop it up with chef Cliff Skighwalker on Season 2 of “InstaChef,” where he and his celebrity friends tour the country’s underground food scene! There’s a network of chefs delivering their food to people through Instagram, taking success into their own hands to make better lives for themselves and their families. Watch as chefs pursue their dreams, drop culinary gems, and do it all for the ‘Gram!

Cliff Skighwalker

Special Guest
Harley Morenstein

Priscilla Aviles

Director of Photography
Thomas McKenna

Camera Operator
Corey Stein

Audio Operator
Dwight Williams

Production Assistants
Nancy Giles
Winston Curry

Kim Sorenson

Design Director
Ted McGrath

Motion Designer
Fredy Delgado

Line Producer
Emily Tufaro

Production Coordinator
Myra Rivera

Production Manager
Alan Farris

Post Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne

Senior Producer
Lauren Brenner

Supervising Producer
Stasia Jones

Executive Producer
Justin Lundstrom

Special Thanks
Field of Greens
Chef Gabrielle McBay

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