January 4, 2019

My first time eating Boiling Mala Hot Pot in Austin Texas!

I have been craving one of my favorite meals, Szechuan Mala Hot Pot, ever since we moved to Austin and finally was able to track down a restaurant that serves hot pot.

Now if you aren’t familiar with hot pot, it is a type of soup that is served on a burner at the table so that it is still boiling in front of you while you eat it. There are different types of hot pots. The traditional Chinese style hot pot is a pot of soup served on the burner with raw or fresh ingredients that can be added to the boiling soup pot and cooked at the table. The more modern version of hot pot, is an individual size version where the soup pot comes out with all of the ingredients already in it and fully cooked. The second version is the one I decided to try out and without disappointment!

The twist on this hot pot restaurant is that it is actually a Thai restaurant rather than a traditional Chinese one. However, I find this really exciting as Thai cuisine has some of the best soup bases out there and I definitely want to come back to try some of the Thai style hot pots available.

I ended up ordering their Individual Hotpot with the Mala Szechuan Butter Soup Base, Combination protein (both meat and seafood) for . All of their Individual Hot Pots also comes with your choice of 8 side ingredients.

I also ordered the Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp () and a Thai Iced Tea Boba Tea (I forgot the exact price but it was around ).

My total without tip came out to be .67.

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Quynh Pham

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