Fort Worth Texas Burrito Challenge, Smoked the Record

Arrived in Fort Worth Texas and stumbled upon this challenge via Thought I would get my one free meal a day while on my trip. If you would like to know where food challenges are around your area or where you are goin’ visit Randy Santel’s site that I mentioned above, that is where I find 95% of my challenges at.
If you are interested in ownin’ a t-shirt with my logo on the front and “Have a gr8 day unless you made other plans” on the back in black or white. I have a few options you can send in your payment.
Medium to 5x are only ea. (sold out of smalls and 2x white right now) (4X and 5X only come in black) Add for 1 shirt or for 2 shirts for shipping and handlin’ for U.S. Only *Canada is for 1 shirt and for 2 shirts

Brandon Clark (Also this P.O. Box you may send
P.O. Box 5142 letters or pairs of Croc size 13 lol)
Cahokia, IL. 62206


Please leave in the notes on any of the payment options you choose what size, color of shirt and address to ship to

Inbox me on my FB link for any questions on my YouTube home page or e-mail me [email protected] (and under subject type “T-Shirts”)

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