February 28, 2019

Hard Eight BBQ Review – Best Texas BBQ? is brought to you by Dad’s Den, the best place for food reviews and tech reviews.

My name is Ken Lee. I love sports, food and technology. I am married to by beautiful wife Suzie and we have two amazing boys named Jonah and Connor. Together we have a family vlog called JCTV Family Vlog.

Jonah and Connor are two special needs boys who make videos to improve their speech, everyday comprehension and also to inspire the world to LET NOTHING HOLD YOU BACK.

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I will be giving you insightful information on new technology trends, tech reviews, tech tips, food reviews, restaurant reviews all while having a little bit of fun and humor.

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My Family Vlog Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI8WaUHuUPJ1Q0SJYJBXtWQ

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