October 19, 2018

BUC-EE’s is the most Texas of stores/gas stations/convenience stores/everything. From the insanely clean bathrooms to the insane selection of beef jerky, bakery goods, brisket and Beaver Nuggets, there are tons of things to enjoy and snack on at Buc-EE’s when you are driving through Texas. Here are our 5 must eats when you stop at BUC-EE’s on your next Texas Roadtrip.
Filmed at Buc-EE’s in Texas
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

1. Beaver Nuggets: caramel coated puffs, they are like heaven in tasty puff form.
2. Brisket Sandwich: why settle for blah gas station food when you can have fresh cut brisket put into a sandwich for you.
3. The Jerky Bar: more beef jerky than you can shake a Texas stick at.
4. The bakery goods: have a Texas size cinnamon roll or maybe a Kolaches. You can’t go wrong.
5. Grab a 44 oz Dr. Pepper for the road… only 79 cents (plus tax).
Oh, and you should know that the signs on the highways in Texas are correct. Buc-ee’s does have the cleanest and most bathrooms around.

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