March 26, 2019

When Sameer visits Texas, he is often reminded to authentic BBQ! Too bad there aren’t many Halal American BBQ spots where the menu boasts smoked chicken and brisket. However he does discover this amazing BURGER spot, Olive Burger in Richardson where the patrons pack the place at any given time of the day! (WARNING: This Video Contains Graphic Content Which May Break Your Fast!)

P.S.- The “bacon” used is Halal beef bacon, just clearing it up for the record!

Restaurant Address:
451 W Arapaho Rd #100
Richardson, TX 75080

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Sameer’s Eats brings you the latest on halal eateries. The majority of restaurants Sameer visits are “Zabiha-Halal” restaurants. This means if Sameer is eating meat then he has inquired if the restaurant serves meat that is slaughtered and prepared according to Islamic Laws (also prepared using halal ingredients). Sameer does not in any way guarantee the meat is Zabihah-Halal, he does his best to ask and inquire if it is. This video is one of the many episodes where Sameer & his crew will be on the road eating, reviewing and filming halal restaurants across North America.

Produced By:
Sameer S. Sarmast, Host and Executive Producer

Filmed and Edited By:
Faraz Khan, Videographer/Editor

DISCLAIMER: The views or opinions expressed by the guest speakers are solely their own and do not represent the views or opinions of Sameer’s Eats Productions LLC.

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