November 7, 2018

Part 1 of the Dallas Food Tour Series!
Enjoy and thank you for watching! :}

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More info on The Dallas Food Tour | Episode 1: The Honey Bastard

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    there is too much information out there now for this to be described as "incompetence" - that's too simple of a solution. Just like with 9/11, WMD, etc. our "leaders" got faulty intellegence, ...

  • A Woman of no Importance

    suggests. The unimportant woman of Wilde's title is the imperious lady in black velvet, Mrs Arbuthnot, whose bastard son, Gerald, has been suddenly employed by her seducer, his father, the caddish ...

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    In 1986, he was thrown out of Harrods when he tried to stuff 28lb of spaghetti down the mouth of the food hall manager. "I told him it might give him some idea of how a goose feels being force-fed ...

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    Sometimes, you just need a little steak. Other times, you just need a lot of steak. When heaps of beef are what you're after — and you've got the cash — there's no better meal than Durant's 48 ...

  • Entertainment News

    Odenkirk has been hospitalized after collapsing on the show’s New Mexico set. Carlos Santana, LL Cool J and Barry Manilow will join previously announced headliners Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen ...

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