December 2, 2018

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Wayne’s Wings has been voted the best wings in Texas numerous times! I’ve been rocking with Wayne’s Wings since he was at the ER Bar back in the day!!! I’m a die hard wing lover and a die hard Wayne’s Wings fan.
I’ve always wanted to do this video but I never felt ready because, I wanted to do these wings justice. With this food review I think we’ve done just that.
These aren’t just Chicken Wings, these are chicken wings with original flavors that have love in every bite.
Wayne is a true master of flavor and I’m impressed with what he’s done with the menu. It’s time to go in and give you guys my thoughts on 10 flavors that the chef chooses himself!
Thanks for watching this new episode of Full Nelson Eats A Lot! We shot this on location in Wayne’s Wings dining room in San Antonio, Texas!

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