dallas August 10, 2020
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FROM THE EVENT PAGE (https://facebook.com/events/s/americans-against-white-suprem/711230492765559/?ti=icl):

“People like to conflate an isolated event (Charlottesville) with half of the population of America. After Charlottesville, Donald #Trump clearly stated that there were very fine people on both sides, a true statement. Yet he continued, in the same breath “and I’m not talking about the Neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because THEY SHOULD BE CONDEMNED- TOTALLY.”

The truth is, after 8 years of Obama, clearly half the nation has not become whites supremacists in 3 short years.

*We stand in #solidarity against police brutality, #racism and white supremacy. Really. We do.

So, join us as we join them. We need to unite now or we will no longer even have a country. “No Borders, No Walls, No USA At All” they say.

From the event planners: “We are going to bring our community together in a huge display of solidarity to openly, loudly and forcefully denounce white supremacy and militaristic policing as well as demand justice for victims past….”

Let’s see if this event is really about unity and truth…or if it’s just another senseless Trump-Hate event sponsored by Refuse Fascism.”

More info on 🔴LIVE [PT II] In Dallas, TX: “Dallas Against White Supremacy” BLM Protest | Share Now

In Dallas, TX: “Dallas Against White Supremacy” BLM Protest | Share Now&format=rss” feeds=”5″]

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