The Best Hamburgers In Dallas

On this week’s Food Trip Friday, I find the BEST HAMBURGERS in DALLAS, TX. These are CLASSIC burgers, from LEGENDARY burger joints—these old-school Dallas burger joints have over 50 YEARS of history and are famous among locals for their no-frills, all-passion food. These are the places locals don’t want to tell you about because they don’t want you crowding their turf. This is Dallas Burger Culture.

I consume over 3500 calories of PURE BURGER LOVE in search of the most delicious, epic burgery-est burgers Dallas has to offer.

I also divulge my super-secret runner’s tip (it’s not terribly secret) for how to consume a TON of food (like today), but still feel decent and not like a bag of grease. Just a fun, cool way to set up your day that will help keep your mood and energy up if you are eating a ton of food (like during the holidays).

Keller’s on Northwest Highway
*The #5 Special

Burger House on Hillcrest
*Double-Double w/ Swiss Cheese

Jake’s Burgers & Beer
*The Jake’s Special

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