dallas January 13, 2019

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In this show with New York Times bestselling author Dallas Hartwig we explore how to improve your brain health, reduce stress, and get your sanity back with simple hacks to your daily habits.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your phone messages, emails, social media, and all of the other craziness of the modern world without losing your mind, this is the show for you.

As you’ll see on this show, technology can affect our health for better or worse. When you learn how to use technology as an opportunity to improve your health, modern advancements can change your life.

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More info on Dallas Hartwig: The Living Experiment, How Technology Hurts Us, & Why Human Connection Matters

  • Psychology Today

    From shutdowns to a reopening world, the past year of distancing was a relief for many living with chronic pain ... Cultivating relaxed awareness can help us re-enter our social spaces.

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