dallas October 19, 2018

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Do you need IT support for your business located in DFW ?

Than Managed Services is the answer to your question!

With Managed Services your business will grow with your continued efforts, while we focus on regulating and maintaining your IT so that it performs at 110%

Dallas Technology Solutions is recognized across the nation and is the Managed Service Provider that Dallas – Fort Worth Recommends, when we’re at your side, you’ll see improvements and changes that could only be provided by a premier Managed Service Provider.

We’ve been ranked and are rated as a first pick among high level business owners in the Dallas area, that’s why 97% of our clients decided to reinstate their contracts with us for a second term this last year.

We’ve been recognized by many as a stand alone, strong business solution, so it’s time you turn to Dallas Technology Solutions, the team that DFW recommends.

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“Welcome to Dallas Technology Solutions.

Managed services is priced at a monthly fixed fee, pricing is based on the number of computers and users.

In the past companies would pay for technical support only after their problems occurred, but solving your problems after they occur is much more expensive than paying to prevent them.

With Managed Services, a provider like Dallas Technology Solutions would monitor your network, secure your servers, and perform necessary network maintenance, which would save you money in the long run by preventing unexpected problems.

The question you must answer is whether you want to pay a little now each month to keep your IT working or pay a lot later when your businesses IT has stopped working altogether.

To see if Managed Services is right for your business, visit our website and complete the contact form to start your “IT” solution now.”

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