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Dallas, Texas Precision Fat Transfer – The Newest Fat Transfer Technology
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Host: Have you looked in the mirror, pinched an inch or maybe two and asked yourself what if I could take this from here and put it in there? Fat transfer is one of the fastest growing areas of cosmetic medicine and now can be done even faster and better. Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to explain. It’s good to see you!

Dr. J: Good Morning!

Host: So let’s talk about fat transfer. Why it’s becoming so popular?

Dr. J: What really it is, it’s one of the fastest growing areas of cosmetic surgery and there’s a number of reasons. One, it’s you. So there’s no chance of rejection, there’s no chance to having a reaction. That’s a really nice piece. Number two, it looks and feels normal. When I move fat from your stomach to your breast or your thighs to your buttocks, the end result has a natural look and feel it doesn’t have a chance to harden or change shape like the implants can. And then the other thing that’s one of the things we’re talking about is it’s getting better and better, the tools and techniques are making it more and more predictable of our final results.

Host: Speaking of techniques, there’s a new device I know that you’re very excited about. Tell us more about that?

Dr. J: Yeah we’re really excited and it’s the device, it’s called High Volume Precision Fat Grafting, kind of a complex name and we call it Precision Fat.

Host: Okay.

Dr. J: And the great thing about the new tool is it allows us to have a completely closed system. We suction the fat directly into a sterile container and it’s never even exposed to air. We then can separate the fat from the numbing fluid and the device vibrates which helps that separation and then we can pump the fat directly back into the tissue before we had the place in the syringes and then inject using the syringes. And the more you manipulate the fat the less of it survives. So by eliminating and speeding up how it separates, we get rid of most of the numbing fluid by elimination a lot of manipulation, both of those things really enhance the fat’s survival. So it’s also faster and so the less time the fat spins outside the body the better it survives. We like it, it’s a really nice advancement. You can pump a little more in which is good too.

Host: Good all around and good news all around too! So, let’s talk about the difference cases where this can be used and what areas?

Dr. J: Well you can use it on any area, I probably wouldn’t use it on the fact, it’s a little more detailed work but we use it mostly on breasts and buttocks where we do a lot of breast augmentation or buttock augmentation using your own fat.

Host: Okay, you do mention the buttocks. How does precision fat work there specifically?

Dr. J: We probably do more buttocks than anywhere else and buttock implants have never really gotten popular because most people never lose the sensation of sitting on a pillow and you don’t get that with fat. When you use fat you continue to look and feel normal and you can get that rounder or lifted look that you’re wanting without having an implant.

Host: Looking at the before and afters it’s a big difference. I know sometimes you use other natural substances to help promote fat help survival, tell us a little more about that?

Dr. J: Well platelet rich plasma is really well established now. We draw some blood and we spend centrifuge in a special centrifuge and that separates out the Platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

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