dallas November 27, 2018
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Fighters: Jeriad Zoghby (Dir, Accenture Interactive) vs James Helms (VP, Design, Intuit)

The Format
Opening salvo: 45 seconds each
Rebuttal: 30 seconds each
Ref’s question: 15 seconds each
Ref’s follow up: 15 seconds each
Fight Referees
Head Referee: Andrew Hopkins (MD, Industry X.0, Accenture)
Grant Moise (Publisher, Dallas Morning News)
Jennifer Saenz (CMO, Frito-Lay)
Dustin Roller (VP, Innovation, AmerisourceBergen)
Roee Adler (SVP, WeWork, Global Head of WeWork Labs)

More info on Digital Fight Club: Dallas 2018: Fight #3 (Design: Speed, Technology & Process)

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