February 15, 2019

When we travel, people ask: What Do You’ll Do when the Temperature Reaches 100 degrees? We Go Outside to Warm-UP. The Rich Girls with a live performance and an interactive crowd.

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Live Music at the Rustic in Dallas, Texas on hot summer night. Get a behind-the-scenes view of exciting highlights of The Rich Girls Band Performance.

How to Watch Virtual Reality on Youtube or Vimeo:

*If using a Computer/Laptop- use your mouse to move around the screen
*If using a phone/tablet- move the device up/down & side-to-side
*If using a VR headset- adjust the focus and use headphones

Computer: There will be a small grey directional arrow symbol/button on the top left of your screen. This means you can drag the screen around.

Phone/Tablet: Use the Youtube APP! Can’t stress this enough. The app allows you to move the screen in all directions and use a VR headsets- by pushing the google symbol in the right left corner of the screen.

VR Headsets: The better your headset, the more immersive. Use earphones or headphones because many recording have all directional sound to bring you even closer to the footage. If you are using Google Cardboard Viewer or other compatible VR headsets with cardboard viewer software, you will have a small square “QR code” like symbol on the viewer that can be scanned so extra features are able to be utilized.

More info on Live Music: The Rich Girls at The Rustic-Dallas,TX

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