February 18, 2019
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Here are top 15 things to do in Richardson, Texas
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1. Heights Family Aquatic Center – http://bit.ly/2oV9O1c
2. Dr Pepper StarCenter – https://gr.pn/2oR5EY6
3. G’nosh Art Studio – http://bit.ly/2oUrV7C
4. Cottonwood Park – http://bit.ly/2oR5TlY
5. Prairie Creek Park – http://bit.ly/2oR63tA
6. The North Texas Automotive Museum – http://bit.ly/2wYwkL1
7. Crowley Park – http://bit.ly/2wUJVTM
8. Funasia – http://bit.ly/2wYw92j
9. Breckinridge Park – http://bit.ly/2wXCWsZ
10. Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts – http://bit.ly/2N13a7V
11. Chinatown – http://bit.ly/2CDRymA
12. Four Bullets Brewery – http://bit.ly/2N0ZP98
13. Sherrill Park Golf Course – http://bit.ly/2oUrn1g
14. Richardson Farmers Market – http://bit.ly/2wTBbwY
15. Spring Creek Trail and Spring Creek Nature Cente – http://bit.ly/2oQtMdw

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