January 19, 2019

Cryptorum interviews Travel Block’s CEO Doug Saunders at the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, TX (2018).

Travel Block is looking to bring the blockchain to the travel industry. As Doug explains, the online travel market is primarily dominated by a very small amount of corporations that add premiums to travel related services ensuring that hotels, airlines, and resorts can’t offer private group rates to the bulk of the public. By utilizing the blockchain via the Travel Block token, users can take advantage of large savings on travel including hotels, flights, resorts, etc., that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. The user experience will be seamless and people who don’t know anything about blockchain technology or cryptocurrency won’t even realize they’re using it. But for investors, buying and holding the tokens can potentially lead to bigger savings should the value of the token rise. Travel Block is launching their pre ICO on Mar 3rd, 2018 and are offering a free week vacation for those who contribute at least 5 ETH (terms and restrictions apply, see the token sale website for more details). If you would like more information about Travel Block and how to invest in the ICO check them out at https://www.travelblock.io/.

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