February 13, 2019

Can’t believe it’s been already 6 yrs since I last visited Dallas! Dallas was actually where I shot my first Playboy set ever, back when I was 20yo 🙂 Time flies!

I thought I’d share with you what my week in Dallas looked like. You can see what I wore, what outfits I used for my shoots, what makeup I did, what I ate, how I multi task when left alone in a hotel room & much more! ;P

All footage was taken during my January 2019 visit. I incorporated some images I received back from some of my shoots.
Enjoy the little sneak peek into my Traveling Model world 🙂

In between my episodes where I actually ‘sit down’ and talk to you about specific topics, I wanted to share with you my travels and what I’ve been up to. It may not be your regular ‘vlog’, but with me, you never know what the next video may bring 😉 :p get ready!
Enjoy the music, and don’t hesitate to post your comments below!

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Images used in my video were from the following Photographers. All based in Dallas, TX, thank you for sending me your edits so quickly & letting me used them in my video!

One Digital Place Photography, Dallas, TX
Duke Morse
Clint Chastain CJC Photography of Texas
Servando Morales
Crouching Tiger Studios
David King

More info on *TRAVEL MODEL VLOG* Czech Playboy Model/ Actress Veronica LaVery in Dallas,TX

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