March 8, 2019

December 20th, 2017. Spent the whole day on the road and made it to New Mexico. Long day leading to the hike tomorrow.

6 1/2 Hours driving done. All by D. Fort Worth, Texas to Whites City, New Mexico. Feeling the dessert vibe — dry, warm and dusk everywhere. Just took a shower, the water came out muddy. We passed 6 overloaded truck carrying houses. A lot more trucks on the way. Billboard said “Are you looking for a ranch/land” instead of “Are you looking for a house”. One motel advertised “Free breakfast, free WiFi, truck parking”. A truck had a two stickers on the back, one says “passing side”, another one on the right says “suicide”. There are a lot of oil drilling stations and cute mini ones along the highway. Tomorrow is NP day. D fell asleep already. 7:35pm Whites City.

More info on |Travel Vlog| Driving from Dallas, TX to New Mexico

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